Workflow Engine for Collaboration

A trustless, decentralized system that lets organizations work together efficiently.

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Integrate a decentralized workflow in a matter of hours.

  • HTTP Rest API

  • HTTP webhooks & triggers

  • Customizable actions

  • JSON / YAML definitions

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A node holds multiple services that connect to each other through HTTP. Extra services are added easily.


Each node can receive data through the API and send data by taking actions on a workflow.

Delete chains

Each chain is stored on your own node and can be easily deleted, making LTO Network GDPR compliant by design.


Each service within the node runs in a Docker container. This enables horizontal, as well as vertical scaling.

Private Permissionless

All that is required to participate on a workflow is a public / private key pair.

Finite State Machines

Workflows are described using an extended finite state machine (FSM). These enable design and representation using existing FSM tools.

Enjoy the freedom of choice

Start small and expand at your own pace.

Any infrastructure

  • Public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, etc)
  • On-premises

Any application

Connect any business application to the rest API that is included with an LTO node.

Any deployment script

We support Docker Compose, Elastic Beanstalk and Kubernetes to deploy LTO to your favorite hosting provider

Multiple SDKs

Connect your system using our SDK. Current language are: NodeJS and PHP. More will follow soon.


You can acquire a part of the network capacity to run 'net-zero' or pay-as-you-go, based on the number of transactions.

Workflow action

From $0.001 per action